High Shear Mixer Rotosolver

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ROTOSOLVER – The Ultimate High Shear Mixer

The Rotosolver  high shear mixer provides the most innovative technology for producing superior liquid/liquid or solid/liquid dispersion. This efficient high shear mixer is also ideal for dissolving or hydrating powders and solids within liquids for 100% utilization.

The Rotosolver optimizes the balance between shear rates, particle size reduction, and flow/circulation within your mixing kettle or tank.



The unique high shear head of the Rotosolver provides a four stage mixing action:

  1. Flow is drawn into the mixing head from above and below where all materials are mechanically sheared by the teeth on the rotors.
  2. The two high velocity counter current streams converge within the cylinder. This causes high turbulence and hydraulic shear without momentum loss from obstructions within the cylinder.
  3. Hydraulic pressure forces material to the periphery of the cylinder.  Here the material is subjected to further mechanical shear as it passes through the sharpened slots.
  4. The high velocity radial charge combines with slower moving tank flow for additional hydraulic shear and circulation.


The Rotosolver combines the shearing capabilities of a saw tooth rotor with a slotted stator. There is also the additional advantage of high flow and circulation from the dual rotor blades.

For higher velocity fluids, or where further vortex control is beneficial, an upper high efficiency impeller can be added. This doubles the flow / pumping rate and could substantially reduce mixing time.

CPE Rotosolver high shear mixer

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