Industrial Vacuum Filters

Industrial Filtration

Chemical Plant & Engineering (CPE) has an extensive range of industrial vacuum filters to suit various applications. We can custom design and manufacture equipment to efficiently achieve the desired process outcomes.

CPE has the capabilities to manufacture industrial vacuum filters for both small and large scale projects. The 100m2 vacuum pan filters manufactured for the Alumina industry in 2012 and 2013  are a testimony to Company’s large scale fabricating capabilities.

Our industrial vacuum filters are available complete with filter stations to manage filtrate, and vacuum systems can include PLC controls if required.

A primary advantage of vacuum filters is the savings in time and labour through reliable filer operation. Depending on the composition of the slurry and the working environment, vacuum filters can process slurries for long periods without operator attention.

The vacuum filter product range contains the following designs:


Determining Filter Size

Vacuum filters are available in a variety of sizes and are rated in square meters of effective filtration area. Determining exactly how big (area) a filter is required for your process depends upon a number of factors, all of which are interrelated:



DESIRED CLARITY OF FILTRATE – allowable solids in filtrate

NATURE OF SOLIDS – residual moisture requirement

WASHING REQUIREMENTS – residual mother liquor allowable

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