Fabrication Services and Facilities

Fabrication Facilities

CEM International has a fabrication plant located on a 1.5 hectare site in Melbourne, Australia. The plant includes comprehensive plate fabrication facilities covering in excess of 3000 square meters under roof. An outside fabrication area of 500 square meters serviced by a 25 tonne gantry crane is also available.

Factory plant equipment includes:

  • CNC oxy-propane and plasma plate cutting equipment
  • plate bending rolls capable of forming up 50mm in thickness,
  • semi-automatic and automatic welding processes
  • High pressure pressing capabilities
  • Post weld heat treatment furnace facilities

Engineering and Technical Resources

CEM Fabricated Products has substantial in-house engineering and technical resources available. The company has professional engineers on staff that includes mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, chemical, and structural disciplines.

In addition qualified metallurgists with wide experience in the selection of materials for varied industrial and chemical applications are available.

The company’s technical commitment to the fabrication industry extends further than traditional business activities. It actively promotes employee involvement in industry representation on code committees and in various industry institutions.

The company has employees, elected by industry members to represent them on technical issues relating to the activity of the Pressure Equipment Associations and the LPG Australia Association.

In addition, key company employees represent the fabrication industry on various Standards Australia committees including ME/1, ME/1/6, ME/1/22, ME/2, ME/57 and ME/15.

General Fabrication and Heat Treatment

General fabrication type projects are undertaken including the manufacture of specialised mixers and blenders, pressure filters, agitators, railway wheel assembly presses and sophisticated hydraulic pressing equipment.

A heat treatment and stress relieving facility that can accommodate equipment up to 3.1 meters in diameter and 15.5 meters long is available.

Plate forming up to 50mm can be accommodated including submerged arc welding to establish weld procedures.

Quality Assurance

The company has a commitment to quality and maintains an accredited NATA endorsed laboratory capable of performing inspection and the following testing services:

Mechanical Testing:

  • Bend testing
  • Impact and lateral expansion testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Macroscopic examination of welds

Non Destructive Testing:

  • Radiography
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing

A Quality Assurance System based on ISO 9000 that meets the needs of our customers has been in operation for several years. Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s) in conjunction with material traceability and key manufacturing inspection procedures are the cornerstones of our quality system.

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