Road Tankers

Road Tankers

CEM International Pty Ltd – Fabricated Products, is Australia’s major supplier of liquefied gas road tankers in all forms including rigid mounted units, tri-axle semi-trailer units, combination B-Double units and road train application units.

Origin Road  Tanker (Large)

The business specializes in LPG road tankers, autogas and ammonia (NH3) product range. It is also a major supplier of tankers for the full range of cryogenic applications (CO2, LIN / LOX / LAR and LNG) plus, vinyl chloride, propylene oxide, chlorine, butadiene and other pressurised gas or chemical applications.

CEM Fabricated Products also assists clients in establishing and maintaining a Road Tanker Asset Management Programme.

Typical services include:

  • Maintenance and servicing of valves, pumps, hose reels and drive-away protection systems on tankers.
  • Mandatory periodic inspections (DLI’s) and visual inspections of road tanker barrels as required by code.
  • Hose inspections and hose re-testing and replacement programs.
  • Road tanker pressure vessel repairs and modifications
  • Stretching of tankers (increasing the length and capacity of tankers to suit new or current road weight limitations)

The business services all types of tankers including cryogenic, LPG road tankers , autogas and ammonia type units. Virtually any tanker that is used to transport a product under pressure can be maintained, repaired or modified by CEM.

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