LPG Road Tankers

Transporting Liquefied Gas – LPG Road Tankers

CEM International is Australia’s major supplier of LPG road tankers. The Company designs and manufactures a range of road tankers for the LPG, Auto Gas and Ammonia industries. In addition to this, CEM is a major supplier of tankers for CO2, LNG, vinyl chloride, propylene oxide, chlorine, butadiene and other pressurized gas or chemical applications.

Road tanker configurations include rigid mounted, tri-axle semi trailer units, combination B-Double and road train application units. Virtually any tanker that is used to transport a product under pressure can be manufactured, maintained, repaired or modified by CEM International.

LPG Road Tanker Uhlenberg 2015

CEM’s dedication to quality and service, coupled with the latest engineering technologies in design, produces LPG road tankers that will haul maximum payloads and give years of trouble free service.

Our Company Experience

CEM was established in 1972 with the principle activity being the manufacture of cryogenic pressure vessels for the storage and transportation of liquefied gases.

Through engineering excellence, product quality and exceptional after sales service, CEM International has become Australia’s ┬áleading supplier of road tankers and static vessels for the distribution and storage of LPG and Anhydrous Ammonia.

Gooseneck LPG B-Double Road Tanker

Gooseneck LPG B-Double Road Tanker


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