Pressure Vessels and Special Application Vessels

Special Application Storage Vessels

CEM Fabricated Products Division specializes in the supply of pressure vessels and special application vessels. These are typically used in refinery operations and include specialized chemical storage and processing applications.

The Company offers:

  • IMO 5 shipping containers for LP Gas
  • Full range of vessels for cryogenic applications (CO2, LIN / LOX / LAR and LNG)
  • Containers for products such as ethyl mercaptan, dimethyl ether and methanol
  • Rail wagon tankers


Materials of construction include carbon steel, quenched and tempered steel and stainless steel. Vessel size range is typically up to 3 meters in diameter by 20 meters in length. Thickness can range from 8mm to 50mm.


CEM Fabricated Products excels in projects involving serially produced vessels such as chlorine drums, ammonia nurse tanks for the fertilizer industry, and static storage vessels for automotive fuel gas applications.

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