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CEM International Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company made up of specialist engineering and wholesaling businesses.

Our History

The Company was established in 1972 with the principal activity being the design and fabrication of cryogenic pressure vessels for the storage and transportation of liquefied gases.

Over the years, CEM expanded and diversified to include a range of businesses servicing niche markets. The Company was recognised as a leader in the fields of gas storage and transportation (CEM Fabrication and CEM Equipment Divisions), industrial processing equipment (CPE Division) and the supply of specialty metals (Titanium International).

The fabrication division at CEM’s Coolaroo plant ceased operation in 2020 with the last road tanker leaving the factory in August of that year.

CEM Today – Our Businesses


CEM continues to service the LP Gas industry through CEM Equipment division and is one of Australia’s leading importer and stockist of integrated control equipment.

  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Gauges
  • Fittings



Industrial Processing Equipment

Chemical Plant & Engineering (CPE) division offers engineering solutions and specialises in separation and mixing technologies. Filtration, agitation and powder blending equipment is manufactured and supplied to a range of industries including mineral processing, chemical, food and beverage.

A complete engineering service is offered, from laboratory and pilot testing through to detailed engineering design, manufacture, supervision of installation and final commissioning

  • Filters
    • Filter Presses
    • Vacuum Pan Filters
    • Pressure Leaf Filters
    • Drum Filters
  • Agitators
  • Static Mixers
  • High Shear Mixers
  • Powder Blenders



Titanium International is CEM’s specialty metal wholesale business and Australian supplier of titanium and other corrosion resisting metals.

  • Sheet and plate
  • Condenser and heat exchanger tube
  • Pipe and fittings
  • Bar and wire
  • Fasteners
  • Anodes and cathodes for electro chlorinators
  • Titanium clad plate
  • Aluminium steel transition joint


The longevity of CEM is a reflection of the Company’s versatility and commitment to excellence in engineering and customer service.

CEM head office is located in Victoria with sales outlets in New South Wales and Queensland.


Quality Assurance

The objectives of CEM International include provision of sound, safe and reliable products and services. To this end, a quality assurance system to cover all products supplied by the group has been implemented and designed to comply with ISO 9001.

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