CEM International provides various technical and engineering services, including custom design, pilot plant testing and R&D, process analysis, retrofits and process optimisation.

How We Work

At CEM International Pty Ltd, we put safety above all. We take extra safety precautions in our design and modellings. We offer process optimisation solutions aiming to enhance safe operation of industrial machinery, among other offered process improvements.

Our design and engineering philosophy is to first fully understand our customer’s process requirements and then provide the best available solution.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is provision of sound, safe and reliable products and services. To this end, a quality assurance system to cover all products supplied by the group has been implemented and designed to comply with ISO 9001. At CEM, we truly believe that customers are the core of our business.

We actively and continuously seek to expand our products and services to new industries and territories by building strong and effective partnerships worldwide. We view every project that we undertake as an opportunity for business growth and to expand on our knowledge and experience.

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