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Chemical Plant and Engineering supplies quality manufactured filter presses including all ancillary equipment.

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About Filter Presses

Filter presses are used for coarse filtration, filtering the thickener underflow in processing plants is an example of filter press application. A single filter press can only be operated in batch process. For continuous processing, two or more units are required.

How Filter Press Works

Plates are compressed using a hydraulic pump. The slurry is then pumped into the plates, as the slurry passes through the filter media cake starts to form in the void between the plates.

The filtrate discharges out through the side of the plates. As the feed pump builds up pressure, the cake formation continues until the maximum pressure or maximum/desired cake thickness is reached.

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Filter Press Applications
Filter Press

CPE Filter Press

CPE offers filter presses in a range of configurations, operating modes can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.
PLC systems are configured and programmed to suit your process requirement.

We supply world standard filter press solutions, including all ancillary equipment. Our filter presses are configured to suit each processing requirement and achieve the most efficient outcome for the customer.

Product Features

  • Sidebar design with engineered weldment box section beams
  • Carbon steel epoxy coated, stainless steel-clad or complete stainless steel construction
  • Custom valve and manifold options for cake wash, two direction cake wash, cake drying and multidirectional flow path options
  • Allen Bradley PLC system designed in house
  • Immediate PLC re-programming available to address any changes in process requirements
  • Large plate configurations and size ranges available to suit any application
  • Single plate, multi plate or entire plate pack discharge systems for high speed operation
  • Special options: sidebar or overhead frame, membrane squeeze, cake blow, wash pumps, supply pumps, conveyor
  • PVDF material is used for applications with elevated temperature exposure
CPE blue filter press

Our High Yield Filter Press Model offers the following features:

  • Fast vessel opening
  • Fast cloth washing
  • Sealed recessed and membrane plates with large adjustment capacities
  • 4 side pulling cylinders for plate alignment

Why Use CPE Filter Press

  • Fast and reliable filtration and cloth wash
  • Wide range of machine configurations to suit your process
  • Fast delivery
  • Pre-commissioning in Australia
  • Compliance with Australian Standards
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Our Filtration experts can employ process analysis tools and pilot plant testing in collaboration with you to design the solution that suits your process the best. Contact us to find out how we can help optimise your process.

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