Powder Mixer Pilot Plant Testing and R&D

CPE has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Melbourne, Australia and offers a range of pilot plant mixers for in-house and customer trials.

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Powder Mixer Testing Services

We can assist you with determining the most suitable mixing solution for your process by employing our decades long design experience and our pilot plant testing facilities in Melbourne, Australia.

Both single paddle and twin paddle mixers are available for pilot testing. These units are set up and suitable for powder blending, liquid addition and particle shearing.

The obtained information on mixing behaviour, homogeneity, and particle interactions can be used to validate scale up to production.

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Pilot Mixer Units

  • C60 Twin paddle C Series mixer with liquid addition capabilities. Batch sizes for tests can range from 24 to 80 litres, with nominal fill level of 60 litres
  • A&J single paddle mixer with liquid addition and a variety of introduced shear available. Batch sizes from 34 to 85 litres with 85 litres being our nominal fill level

Pilot units can be used for internal testing at our laboratory facilities or hired to conduct trial at your site.

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