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CPE mixers are used in manufacture of food premix, herbs and spices, milk powder and infant formula, animal feed and fertilisers, plasters and powder coatings, and industrial powder additives.

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About Our Powder Mixers and Blenders

CPE is the world leading designer and supplier of paddle mixing solutions with over 40 years of market experience.

Our equipment design has constantly evolved over the years to address various process requirements. Today, we have a world leading paddle mixing technology for sanitary mixing applications. We custom design mixers to suit your process needs.

How CPE Paddle Mixers Work

Our mixers generate a high volume of voids for particles to change place in a manner and at a speed that the effect of gravity is neutralised and segregation cannot occur.

Particles are not forced into mixer walls, it is efficiently mixed without being exposed to shear or heat.

In a double rotor mixer, the two shafts of the mixer are counter rotating, which lifts the material up in the middle of the mixer (fluidized zone). The angular paddles provide an overlapping rotation and sweep the powders off of the bottom of the mixer (B).

how does a CPE paddle mixer work | CPE bulk mixing and powder blending

In zone (A), particles have freedom of movement, which ensures homogeneous mix is achieved in a short time.

Why use CPE Paddle Mixers over Ribbon Blenders?

  • CPE mixers move particles faster and in a more organised manner.
  • The mixer create more voids (a higher volume) for particles to travel between.
  • Energy transfer to the particles is more streamlined, thus no heat or shear force is generated.
  • CPE mixers use less power to achieve uniform mixture in an even shorter time.
  • Mix quality is measured as the coefficient of variation (CV). CPE mixers can consistently achieve a CV of 5 in a short mixing time, while a Ribbon Blender will take significantly longer to achieve a CV of 5 (in some cases it never can achieve a CV of 5).
paddle mixer for powder blenders

Benefits of using CPE Mixers
  • Faster and more accurate mixing
  • Repeatability of performance
  • Low operating & maintenance cost
  • Safety and flexibility of operation
  • Small Footprint

CPE Mixer Size Range & Features

Size Range:

  • Twin Paddle Mixer: 30 – 7000 litre mixing capacity
  • Single Paddle Mixer: 30 – 5400 litre mixing capacity
retractable mixer | CPE Powder Blenders

CPE Mixer Key Features

Key Features

  • Large hatch inspection doors
  • Load cell brackets
  • Compatible for CIP
  • Fast acting bomb bay door discharge system incorporating pneumatic actuation and FDA certified seal materials (ATEX and CE standards available)
  • Flat leading face paddle profile
  • Minimal guards easing access for cleaning
  • Retractable rotor design
  • Round body design, offering greater strength
  • Capability to vacuum feed without space required for hopper for gravity feeding

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