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CPE is a world leading designer and supplier of paddle mixing solutions for infant formula production. Our mixers are used by dairy producers across the globe, with over 40 years of market experience.

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About CPE Infant Formula Mixers

CPE powder mixers are designed to offer repeatable mixing performance and short mix times that create homogeneous blends regardless of particle size and density.

Infant Formula Mixing Technology

Our Infant Formula Mixers are developed to help infant formula and milk powder producers around the world to achieve maximum production efficiency while addressing stringent industry sanitary requirements.

System integrators around the world know us for:

Infant Formula Mixer Range

Precision Mixing

CPE’s world leading paddle mixing technology provides fast, accurate, and repeatable mixing of powders with
different particle sizes and densities.

Our mixers are designed to ensure there is no segregation during mixing.

close up of mixer paddles for a powder mixer equipment

Safety and Hygiene

Addressing the hygienic processing requirements is the most crucial factor any infant formula manufacturer
considers when deciding for the right equipment.

CPE Infant Formula mixers are designed in accordance with USDA, 3A, and EHEDG guidelines aiming to eliminate
food trapping points and minimise the scope for bacterial growth.

process engineer working on a retractable sanitary mixer

The C Series Mixers are designed to have large inspection doors for easy access, and a retractable design is offered for ease of cleaning between runs to minimise cross contamination.Meanwhile, the CPE Hygienic Design Vacuum Mixer (CHDV) offers a flush fitting plug valve to provide easy access for cleaning, and with a fully removable port discharge door system for enhanced sanitisation. Its cylindrical design ensures there are no product trapping points. CHDV has the ability to be vacuum fed.

Quality and Innovation

Chemical Plant & Engineering has been continuously improving the design of its powder mixers for over 40
years. Operational equipment effectiveness with quality at its core is the reason why customers from various
industries choose CPE as their top mixer supplier.

In recent years, we have enhanced our designs with specific focus on milk powder/infant formula in response to
growing demand and tightening of design and manufacturing regulations and regard ourselves amongst the world
leaders in this field.

retracted powder mixer for use in infant formula production

Infant Formula – Powder Mixer Range

  • C Series MixerTwin shaft paddle mixer, no segregation, shear, or heat generation during mixing while providing a very low coefficient of variation.
  • C Series RetractableSame C Series mixer with a fully retractable rotor assembly from the mixer body to facilitate easier cleaning.
  • CPE Hygienic Design Vacuum Mixer (CHDV)Vacuum rated cylindrical design with torispherical ends. The vacuum design can also be used with Nitrogen atmosphere purging for helping to extend product shelf life.

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