Vinfoil® Wine and Spirit Agitators

Vinfoil agitator series are designed specifically for the Wine & Spirits industry. The introduction of gentle mixing by Vinfoil offers many proven benefits to the process of wine and spirits making and the quality of the resulting product.

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Industries Vinfoil® Wine and Spirit Agitators is used in

Wine and Spirit Agitators

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CPE is the world leading designer and supplier of wine and spirits agitation solutions, with numerous installations at major wine and spirits making plants across the world.

Vinfoil® RTF4 and P Series
Used for storage and processing of wine & spirits
VINFOIL-RTF4 suitable for gentle blending – top or side entry mounts
VINFOIL-P suitable for additive mixing – top entry mount
Direct drive and gear reduced motor
Retractable agitator option for easy and safe maintenance
Explosion proof motor for spirits applications
Special agitator system for mixing in pressure vessels (Charmat Method)
Various seal options (stuffing box, mechanical, lip, hydraulic)
vinfoil wine and spirit agitator configuration - rtf4 hydrofoil side entry

Mixing Wine With An Agitator

Gentle mixing of wine or spirits can significantly improve the product consistency and enhance production by creating or accelerating blending, solid suspension, or heat and mass transfer mechanisms.Unlike the traditional blending methods such as pump over, VINFOIL® can provide thorough and gentle blending of wine or spirits for minimum energy input.

Pump over method leaves dead zones in the tank, which results in inadequate wine mixing and inconsistency in the quality of produced wine. Pump over can also be harsh on the wine, damaging the wine structure and negatively affecting the taste of the produced wine.Vinfoil® provides thorough yet gentle mixing of wine, resulting in a wine with better mouthfeel.

As a result, Wine & Spirit makers can benefit from:

  • Greater product quality (taste, appearance, and aroma compounds)
  • Maximum plant utilisation
  • Significantly lower operating cost

Laboratory testing and pilot plant units available for trial and thorough process analysis before purchase and installationLearn more about our world leading impeller technology.

Vinfoil® Applications
Agitator Applications
  • Blending and fermentation of wine
  • Additive mixing (bentonite, etc.)
  • Flavour extraction (oaking, etc.)
  • Cold stabilisation
  • Sugar extraction
  • Alcohol level adjustment

Agitator Process Optimisation

In addition to agitator supply, we have decades of knowledge and experience in agitation process optimisation. Our experts can analyse your process and offer you cost-effective solutions to:

  • reduce your blend time
  • reduce your power consumption
  • increase your tank utilisation
  • improve your product quality and consistency

VINFOIL® is the number one agitation solution among the major wine and spirit producers worldwide.

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