Hot Cooking Oil Reclamation System

Chemical Plant and Engineering designs and manufactures a complete filtration plant for reclamation of used/degraded cooking oil.

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About Hot Cooking Oil Reclamation

The system combines our world leading agitation and filtration technologies to ensure complete and efficient purification of oil from all degradation products that negatively affect the taste and colour of the used frying oil.

The filtration plant includes an oil tank equipped with our OilFoil™ agitator for thorough and efficient mixing of used/degraded oil with filtration aid.

Our Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter technology removes the degradation products from the
used oil. The reclaimed oil can then be streamed back into the fryer.

frying edible oil reclamation system by CPE

Main benefits of using our cooking oil reclamation solution are as follows:

  • Complete removal of soluble degradation products, providing fresh and consistent oil for food production
  • No oil wastage, thus major cost savings
  • Product is the same day-in and day-out
  • Maximised product shelf life

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