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CPE is the market leader in design and supply of filtration solutions for molten sulphur processing.

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What is Molten Sulphur?

Sulphur is one of the most versatile elements in the world and is significantly used in the chemical and fertiliser industries in the form of sulphuric acid.

There are many forms of Sulphur depending on the ash and carbon concentration, such as Frash, floatation, bright, near bright, dark, and Claus.

Why Filter Molten Sulphur?

Filtration of molten sulphur is key to achieving the desired properties and performance required for a specific process. Main goals of molten sulphur filtration are as follows:

  • Removal of solids (ash, dust, dirt, organics) to avoid process problems and to ensure longer operating periods between maintenance
  • Eliminating blockage in reactor tubes used for in the production of carbon-disulphide
  • Further purification and quality improvement of mined flotation processed Sulphur
  • Lowering pH value to diminish chance of corrosion

Typical Sulphur filtration process

diagram of a typical sulphur filtration process

CPE Filters for Molten Sulphur Filtration

CPE specialises in design of pressure leaf filters for molten sulphur filtration.

Our recommended filter for this application is a Retractable Bundle Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (HPLF-RB) offering large filtration surface, easy to clean filter plates, and jacketed design to maintain the high process temperature.

  • Process and mechanical design tailored to meet client specific requirements
  • Compliance with most common codes and standards like ASME, API, AS, BS, ISO, or EN/-ISO
  • Automatic process control to limit manual intervention
  • Closed systems which minimise environmental and health risks

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