A&J Paddle Mixer

CPE is the licenced manufacturer of A&J Mixing International Inc – Canada. A&J Available in both single and double rotor configurations.

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A&J Mixer Range

  • Standard – Batch or Continuous
  • Vacuum Coater – for effective particle coating under vacuum

A&J Standard Mixer

Offering efficient and cost-effective blending of powders, granules, fibres, flakes, and pellets. Offered in mild or stainless steel. Custom design available to meet your specific requirements.

Product Offerings

  • High mix repeatability between batches, thus improved overall product quality
  • Accepts variable flow rates
  • Available to work with minor scheduled maintenance every three years
  • Blends friable ingredients
  • Shear-makers break lumps, eliminating requirement for additional equipment
Industry Applications
Food Industry
  • Ground coffee
  • Infant formula
  • Snack foods
Chemical Industry
  • Carpet freshener
  • Planting chemicals
  • Compost
  • Powdered metals

A&J Continuous Mixer


  • 99.8% efficiency rating
  • Mixing without degradation
  • Discharge weir on end plate automatically maintains proper fill level
  • Flush mounted, self-adjusting, contoured port discharge door to empty mixer at end of campaign
  • Shaft-mounted gear motor drive
  • Liquid addition manifolds
  • Optional shear-maker
continuous paddle mixer by a&j | CPE bulk mixing

Vacuum Coater

Product Offerings

  • High mix repeatability between batches
  • Blend friable ingredients, no post screening required
  • Operational Flexibility: coat then vacuum or vacuum then coat
  • Longer pump and filter life through use of smaller (hot running) vacuum pump thereby eliminating condensation
  • No “salt & pepper” effect, completely even coatings
  • Mix and coat without degradation
  • Low operating costs due to efficient design
single rotor mixer, sanitary stainless steel
Complete packaged system available includes pressure vessel, vacuum pumps, receiver, oil tanks, valves, piping and controls.

Mixer Applications
A&J Vacuum Coater
  • Fish Foods
  • Pet Foods

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