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Our Experience in Mixer Design

CPE pioneers the innovative design approach in paddle mixing technology aiming to provide fast, accurate and repeatable mixing of powders with varying particle sizes and shapes while meeting the sanitary processing standards.

Our paddle mixers are designed in accordance with USDA, 3A, and EHEDG guidelines ensuring hygienic conformance.

About CPE Mixer Design

Key Design Features

  • Fast acting bomb bay door discharge system incorporating pneumatic actuation
  • Flat leading face paddle profile minimising trapping points and allowing easy cleaning
  • Load cell brackets
  • FDA certified seal materials (ATEX and CE standards available)
  • Minimal guards, easing access to all areas for better cleaning
  • Retractable rotor design for ease of cleaning
  • Large Inspection door with no corner pockets designed for easy access and minimum product hold up
  • Round body design, offering greater strength

Key Process Offerings

  • Fast and accurate mixing, 30-60 seconds mix time
  • Quick discharge in less than 15 seconds
  • High mix repeatability, (CV) ≤ 5%
  • Our design allows integration of front and back-end plant designs
  • Hygienic design ensures easy cleaning/sterilisation
  • Easy product sampling
  • CIP friendly design

CHDV Mixer – Hygienic Vacuum Design

This mixer model is vacuum rated and has minimum scope for bacterial growth, which makes it ideal for food and dairy processing. Product loading via vacuum provides excellent plant design flexibility.

Furthermore, the flush fitting plug valve provides easy access for cleaning.

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cpe hygienic design vacuum mixer (CHDV)

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