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CPE specialises in design and manufacture of processing equipment for the manufacture of construction materials, such as adhesives and sealants, concrete premix, flooring resin, and construction coatings.

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Our Expertise

Chemical Plant & Engineering has decades of experience in design and supply of agitators, powder blenders, and filters for processing of building materials. We custom design every solution to suit specific process requirements.

Agitation Solutions for Construction Industry

Chemix logo, Chemical industry agitators

CPE offers Chemix agitators for processing and storage of construction materials, such as adhesives and sealants, tile grout, epoxy flooring, construction coatings, repair putties, etc.

Chemix is offered in a range of configurations and impeller options to suit all process conditions.

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CPE’s world leading agitation technology offers major process and product improvements:

  • Fast and thorough blending and homogenisation, thus maximum plant utilisation
  • Effective solid suspension
  • Lower energy consumption, thus operating and maintenance cost savings
  • Enhanced product quality (colour, clarity, finish, strength)

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How Chemix ensures optimum strength of your Construction Material?

The key to producing robust construction materials is:

  • the right chemical composition of binders/fillers/additives/reinforcements
  • uniform distribution of system components throughout the binder.

The uniform dispersion of fillers and reinforcements ensures that the material will be fully cured (set) and there are no filler-poor areas in the cured product that are prone to mechanical failure.

Chemix™ agitators optimise the mechanical properties of construction materials by ensuring homogenous distribution of fillers and reinforcements throughout the binder.

Mixing Solutions for Construction Industry

CPE designs and manufactures paddle mixers for the construction industry, where uniform mixing is essential to ensure optimum mechanical properties and minimal chance of product failure under stress. Main applications we have been supplying powder blenders to are Concrete Topping, Plasters, Dry Cement Blend, Concrete and Polymer Concrete, Colour Pigment Blend for Plastic Roof Tiles.

Textured Paint fabrication Using CPE Mixer

Image shows colour mixing of textured finishes product with and without CPE powder blender. As can be seen, the finish mixed using a CPE mixture illustrates uniform dispersion of colour pigments, while the other sample prepared without using CPE mixer shows agglomeration of pigments.  Read more in this brochure.

Benefits of using CPE mixer for manufacture of textured paint

  • Mix time reductions of up to 90%
  • No effect from large density gap
  • No loss of mix homogeneity or pigment dispersion rates
  • High repeatability
  • No streaking

A single paddle mixer is recommended for optimum mixing performance for this application. Mixers are available in 85 to 5400 litres.
Paddle Mixer Range

comparison of industrial textured paint

Filtration Solutions for Construction Industry

CPE designs and supplies a range of vacuum and pressure filters for construction applications, such as concrete recycling, sand recycling, and sand oil filtration.

Oil Sand Filtration

Oil (bitumen) sands are unconventional petroleum deposits which are a mixture of sand and clay, moisture, and bitumen. Oil sand processing is a large industry in certain parts of the world such as Canada, South America, and Russia.

The filtration of oil sands involves filtering out the sand, clay, and other naturally occurring contamination from the oil/bitumen. The oil obtained from the filtration process is used in various petrochemical processes.

horizontal pan vacuum filter for mineral processing inside a warehouse

CPE specialises in design and supply of Rotary Vacuum Pan Filters for sand oil filtration. We are the market leader in design of vacuum filtration solutions, with 50 years of design experience and numerous installations worldwide.

CPE also supplies filter press solutions in various sizes for sand and concrete recycling.
CPE Filters

CPE Retrofit & Process Optimisation Service

In addition to OEM supply, we offer process optimisation services of existing agitators, mixers, and filters. Our experienced engineers conduct in-depth analysis of your process and recommend cost-effective solutions to address your process issues.

Retrofitting Services

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We custom design mixing and filtration solutions to suit your process needs. Contact us to discuss your project needs.

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