Transition Joints

Transition joints are used to provide an efficient and maintenance free welded connection between aluminium and steel structures on board vessels and offshore constructions.

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About Transition Joints

Aluminium is used in shipbuilding in combination with steel to reduce the overall weight of the ship, while keeping the manufacturing cost reasonable, and improve the stability of the vessel structure.

TriClad® Aluminium/steel

Joining aluminium and steel is a challenge since the two metals cannot be welded together using conventional welding methods. Also, bolting the two metals together poses the risk of corrosion at the joint area. TriClad® Aluminium/steel is an explosively bonded transition joint specifically produced for shipbuilders to provide a reliable welded joint between the two metals.

Titanium International is the AUNZ representative of Merrem & La Porte of Holland for TriClad®.

TriClad is available in custom shapes and sizes

TriClad Specifications

Grades Steel Interlayer Al Alloy Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
Standard TriClad® A516 gr.55 Al 1050A Al 5086 34.5 (19+9.5+6) 3800 On demand
TriClad® 19 A516 gr.55 Al 1050A Al 5083 19 (10+5+4) 3800
TriClad® 28 Shipbuilding steel gr. D Al 1050A Al 5083 28 (15+3+10) 3800
TriClad® 33 Shipbuilding steel gr. D Al 1050A Al 5083 33 (20+3+10) 3800
Titanium TriClad® A516 gr.55 Titanium Al 3003 31.5 (19+1.5+10) 2750
Stainless TriClad® 316L Titanium Al 3003 31.5 (20+1.5+10) 2750

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