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CPE is the market leader is supply of mixing and filtration solutions to the edible oil industry in the AUNZ region. Our products are widely used in production and storage of a range of oils including vegetable oil, tallow, and other edible oils such as rice, coconut, and peanut oil.

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Edible Oil Agitation

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CPE offers the OILFOIL™ agitator range for mixing and storage of edible oils.

Due to its superior impeller design, OILFOIL™ creates gentle yet high velocity flow which offers short time to uniform mix with no product damage and efficient storage with minimum energy consumption.

side entry agitator for oil tank | CPE Oilfoil Agitators

Edible Oil Filtration

Filtration is a critical step in processing of edible/vegetable oil. The crude oil contains undesired by-products or impurities such as gums, slimes and gels that can negatively influence the taste, aroma, and appearance of the oils. Specialised filtration experience is therefore required to ensure maximum yield and a quality final product.

CPE leads the edible oil filtration market in the AUNZ region. We offer a range of filters specifically designed for edible oil processing.

Key Technologies:

  • Pressure Leaf Filters
  • Candle Filters (Cricket Filter & PTS)
  • Bag Filters
  • Depth Filter Sheets & Lenticular Filters

Main Edible Oil Applications We Supply Filters To:

Edible Oil Applications
CPE Edible Oil Filters
  • Crude Oil Filtration
  • Hydrogenated Oil Filtration
  • Winterised Oil Filtration
  • Polishing Filtration
  • Bleached Oil Filtration
  • Other Filtration Steps, Including Glycerine, Methyl-esters and Oleo-chemicals

CPE Services

CPE offers a complete filtration system for reclaiming used (degraded) hot cooking oil. This system works in combination with OilFoil™ agitators. Read more about our complete filtration design.

Besides OEM, we offer spares and retrofitting services of industrial filters, such as upgrading sluicing system, and leaf replacement. Read more about our filter retrofitting services.

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Our experts can employ process analysis tools and pilot plant testing in collaboration with you to design the solution that suits your process the best. Contact us to find out how we can help optimise your process.

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