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Titanium International is a leading Australian supplier of titanium products. Typical products include sheet and plate, pre-machined forgings, condenser & heat exchanger tube, pipe and fittings, bar and wire, fasteners, anodes & cathodes for electro-chlorinators.

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About Our Titanium Products

Our ability to offer the highest standards of service is enhanced by our extensive network of contacts in the international specialty metals industry. This enables us to competitively source all product forms and sizes and meet the demands of the specialty metals market.

Why Use Titanium?

Titanium has excellent thermal and chemical stability and a very high strength to weight ratio. This corrosion resistant metal is as strong as steel, but 45% lighter.

High purity titanium is also easily formable (into sheets and other desired shapes) which makes this metal ideal for vessel fabrication, specially where corrosion resistance and lightweight structure is required.

titanium vessel

Where is Titanium Used?

Titanium is extensively used in aerospace and defence applications where strong but light structure is required. Also, due to its excellent corrosion resistant properties, this metal is widely used in industrial applications where the service environment is highly corrosive.

Examples of these applications are chemical plants, autoclaves, and mineral processing plants.

Great chemical stability and high strength to weight ratio of titanium makes this metal an ideal candidate for use in the medical industry for surgical applications (implants, screws, etc.).

Titanium is resistant to seawater corrosion, thus it is popular for applications with constant marine exposure.

It is important to note that titanium products may not be the right solution for all corrosive applications. Care must be taken in assessing materials of construction used in any application with highly corrosive service conditions.

Our Standard Product Range

Titanium Products Specifications
Sheets, Plates, Strips ASTM B265
Pipes Seamless ASTM B861
Welded ASTM B862
Tubes (seamless and welded)
for condensers and heat exchangers
Bars and Billers ASTM B348
Welding Fittings (seamless and welded) ASTM B363
Castings ASTM B367
Forgings ASTM B381
Wires AWS A5 16

Other titanium products we offer:

  • Titanium Fasteners
  • Titanium Anodes & Cathodes for electro-chlorinator

All titanium products offered are available in the grades below:

  • GR 1
  • GR 2
  • GR 5
  • GR 7
  • GR 12
  • F67, F136 (medical grades)
  • And more…

Technical Support

At Titanium International, our experienced personnel can provide you with assistance in materials selection and available titanium products. In addition, we can provide advice on various welding and fabrication processes that are involved in manufacturing using titanium.

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