Agitator Retrofit & Process Optimisation

CPE specialises in agitation process analysis and optimisation. We offer process analysis and optimisation and retrofitting of old and underperforming agitators to enhance mixing performance and efficiency as well as improving final product quality.

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When You Need To Retrofit Your Agitator

Your agitator needs a retrofit if you are experiencing one or more of the below issues:

  • Ineffective solids suspension
  • Time to uniform mixing is long or never!
  • Frequent mechanical failure or maintenance shutdown
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Physical properties of the fluid have considerably changed (formulation alteration, etc.)

Why Agitators Fail to Perform?

Agitators, if not designed appropriately for the job, can start showing signs of failure or poor performance after a while due to one, or a combination, of below reasons:

  • Undersized agitator (impeller or motor)
  • Wrong impeller design
  • Wrong flow rate/pattern
  • Changes in product characteristics
  • Mechanical failure due to low service factors in agitator design

Our Agitation experts can work with you to analyse your process and recommend suitable solutions to rectify your process issues.

In most cases, retrofitting of an existing agitator involves replacing the impeller with the right size RTF4 impeller without changing the motor and gearbox. This offers a cost-effective solution to many major process issues.

Our RTF4 impeller technology has been extensively used to retrofit underperforming existing agitators in various industries from Food & Beverage to Mineral Processing.

Impeller Technology

Benefits of retrofitting your agitator systems using RTF4 Impeller Technology

RTF4 impeller can increase the agitation intensity and agitator service factor whilst retaining the existing drive assembly, thus same power input.
Process benefits:

  • Shorter blend/mix times
  • Increased mixing capacity
  • Significant power savings
  • Increased drive train service factors resulting in lower loading, longer operating life and less maintenance related downtime

Direct to Geared Drive Change-over

CPE gear reduced agitators provide the required performance at a considerably lower power input and impeller speed.

Product Benefits

  • No product damage during mixing
  • Better quality finished product

Process Benefits

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer lasting agitator
highlighting gear reducing mechanism in a gear reduced drive

Retractable Agitator System

Designed for ease of maintenance.

Process Benefits

  • Maintenance can be done with tank full
  • Confined space maintenance is eliminated
close up picture of a laborer working on a retractable agitator system

CPE has extensive experience in successfully retrofitting agitators used in various industries and applications including food & beverage, chemical, and mineral processing applications.

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We have a long history of retrofitting Agitators, Filters, and Powder Blenders used in a variety of industries across the world. Contact our Agitation Team to discuss your agitator retrofit requirements.

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