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CPE specialises in design of mixing solutions for polymerisation process. With decades of supply experience, we have in-depth understanding of the process requirements in polymerisation applications.

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Polymers and Plastics Industry

Agitation Solution

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The key to designing a suitable mixing solution for polymerisation reactions is to thoroughly understand the mechanism of the reactions and to ensure below is achieved throughout the polymerisation process:

  • Uniform distribution of mass and heat quickly and thoroughly
  • Solid suspension (no precipitation or scaling)
  • No phase segregation
Chemix agitator range can address process requirements of various polymerisation applications, regardless of the working temperature and viscosity, shear requirements, and tank pressure and pH. Our Superior agitation technology can offer significant process improvements such as reduced mix time and lower energy consumption.
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Polymerisation Process

  1. Emulsification

    Involves dispersion of monomers and emulsifiers into the body of the liquid (water in most cases). Polymerisation takes place within the finer monomer droplets, which are stabilised by the emulsifier. Chemix™– RTF4 and Chemix™ –P Series help with uniform dispersion of monomers and emulsifiers.

    The exothermic heat generated by polymerisation will also be more efficiently transferred through the aqueous phase to the reactor wall using CHEMIX™ agitation technology.

    chemical processing agitators - hydrofoil and pitched blade impellers
  2. Polymerisation with Varying Viscosity Level

    In some polymerisation reactions like high-impact polystyrene polymerisation, a considerable viscosity build-up is experienced during polymerisation. CPE has introduced Chemix™ ViscoPro agitator to address this problem and deliver consistent homogenisation during polymerisation process.

    dairpro viscopro configurations, with helix, anchor and counter rotating impellers
  3. Precipitation Polymerisation

    When the polymer molecules are not soluble in the liquid phase, they tend to agglomerate and precipitate. Chemix™-P Series create the required shear force to deagglomerate the solids and ensure polymerisation continues on to reach full polymerisation.

  4. High Density Additive Dispersion

    When high density fillers/additives need to be dispersed into liquid phase Chemix-Rotosolver™ can ensure full deagglomeration and uniform dispersion of particles throughout the liquid phase in a fraction of the time and energy input.

    rotosolver impeller for high shear applications
  5. Condensation Polymerisation

    In this endothermic polymerisation reaction, water is a side product which needs to be removed from the reactor. Chemix™-RTF4 creates high velocity axial flow in the reactor, which helps effectively transfer the water to the surface for efficient evaporation.

CPE also offers Gas Dispersion (GD) agitators and In-line Static mixers for polymerisation applications.

Bulk Mixing Solution

Our A&J, C Series, and CHDV Powder blenders offer fast, accurate, and repeatable mixing in both batch and continuous forms.
Bulk Mixing Solutions

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