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Chemical Plant & Engineering offers Chemix agitator series for chemical processing applications. Chemix is offered in a range of impeller technologies and configurations to meet various process requirements within the chemical industry.

Chemical Processing Agitators, Configurations

With our superior agitation technology, Chemix can offer enhanced process efficiency, higher plant utilisation, major cost savings, and improved product consistency.

Chemix RTF4 and P Series, Low to Medium Shear
Used for processing and storage of chemicals
CHEMIX-RTF4 suitable for low shear mixing- top, side or bottom entry mounts
CHEMIX-P suitable for medium shear mixing, dispersion, homogenisation, additive dissolving/hydration- top entry mount
Direct drive and gear reduced motor
Explosion proof motor option
Coated impellers for corrosion and erosion resistance
Various seal options (stuffing box, mechanical, lip, hydraulic)
Special agitator system for mixing in pressure vessels
Construction materials: mild steel, SS 316, Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel, rubber, plastic or special coatings for heat or abrasion resistance
chemical processing agitators - hydrofoil and pitched blade impellers

Chemix RS, High Shear
Rotosolver Technology suitable for high shear mixing – top entry mount
Explosion proof motor option
Applications include polymerisation, liquid/liquid and liquid/solid dispersion, homogenisation, high density additive dissolving/hydration
High Shear Disc (HSD) is a cost-effective agitation solution for paints and coatings manufacture
chemix high shear configuration, rotosolver and high shear disc impeller

Chemix ViscoPro, High Viscosity
Anchor, Counter rotating, Helix agitators
Explosion proof motor option
Applications include high viscosity polymerisation ViscoPro is often used in combination with the P Series in order to achieve the process goals efficiently
Construction materials: mild steel, SS 316, Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel, rubber, plastic, or special coatings for heat or abrasion resistance
dairpro viscopro configurations, with helix, anchor and counter rotating impellers

CPE is a world leading designer and supplier of agitation solution and has numerous installations across the world.

Agitator Process Optimisation

In addition to agitator supply, we have decades of knowledge and experience in agitation process optimisation. Our experts can analyse your process and offer you cost effective solutions to:

  • reduce your mix time
  • reduce your power consumption
  • increase your tank utilisation
  • improve your product quality and consistency

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