Paddle Mixer Retrofit & Process Optimisation

CPE offers retrofitting of paddle and ribbon mixers for mixing performance optimisation and product quality improvement.

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About the Service

Chemical Plant & Engineering has developed a system where paddle technology may be retrofitted into existing mixer bodies to enhance mix time, accuracy, and throughput without the cost associated with a new mixer purchase.

Benefits of Retrofitting Your Mixer

  • ┬áIncreased mix accuracy
  • Shorter time to uniform mix (as quick as 60s)
  • Higher mix repeatability (lower CV)
  • Maximised mixing capacity (throughput)
  • Energy savings

CPE paddle mixers offer significantly faster mixing, higher throughput, and lower energy consumption than ribbon blenders.

Ribbon Blender vs CPE Mixer

Mixer Type RIBBON BLENDER CPE High Efficiency Mixer
Fill 0.5 min 0.5 min
Mix 3.0 min 0.5 min
Empty 0.5 min 0.25 min
Total Time 4.0 min 1.25 min
Capacity 15 tonne/hour 42 tonne/hour

Example of Powder Mixer Retrofit

CPE retrofitted a single paddle system into the existing Ribbon Blender body used to produce for Animal Feed production.

Existing – Ribbon Blender (2 tonne) Retrofit – Retrofitted with CPE Single Paddle System
Production Capacity 18.5 tonnes/hour (i) 34 tonnes/hour
Mix Quality CV = 12 CV = 5.6
Mix Time 4 minutes 1 minute
Dispense Time 2 minutes 2 minutes

Outcomes were as follows:

  • Mixing capacity increased by 80%
  • Reduced power consumption
  • CV improvement from 12 to 5.6
  • Minimum change to structure and utility interfaces
  • Improved liquid distribution across the batch
single paddle mixer image close up

single paddle mixer

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