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CPE has decades of experience in design of mixing solutions for paints and coatings processing.

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Agitation Solutions for Paints & Coatings Processing

Chemix logo, Chemical industry agitators

Chemical Plant & Engineering’s Chemix™ agitator range are extensively used for the manufacture of Paints & Coatings, from light blending and storage to heavy duty high shear mixing.

Chemix™ is offered in a range of configurations and impeller options to suit all process conditions.

Model Flow Paints and Coatings Applications
(Top or Side Entry)
Low Shear
High Efficiency
Ideal for low to medium viscosity liquid blending and storage
(Top Entry)
Medium Shear Ideal for homogenisation and dissolving when low to medium shear is adequate
(Top Entry)
High Shear Ideal for homogenisation and dissolving when high shear is required
(Top Entry)
High Shear HSD is a more economic option for high shear mixing of paint compared to Rotosolver®

Our top entry agitators are cantilevered, which excludes the need to have a steady bearing assembly. Electric or air operated motors can be supplied to meet hazardous zoning requirements.

Thanks to our world leading agitation technology, Chemix™ can create high velocity axial flow with minimum energy input.

This translates to below benefits:

  • Fast and thorough mixing, thus maximum plant utilisation
  • Lower energy consumption, thus significant cost savings
  • Enhanced paint quality (colour, clarity, finish smoothness)
agitator configurations for paints and coatings industry. RTF4 hydrofoil, high shear rotosolver and p4 pitched blade

Major paint manufacturers such as Akzo Nobel, Dulux, Wattyl, and PPG rely on our superior agitation solution to produce high quality paint regardless of process condition.

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Mixing Solutions for Paints & Coatings Processing

CPE offers world leading paddle mixing technology to the paints and coatings industry throughout the APAC region.

Our mixers offer quick and accurate mixing (with high repeatability, Cv≤5) of various size and shape particles, keeping the operation and maintenance cost low.

example of mixing dry paint from 0 to 10 seconds

CPE Mixer Applications in Paints and Coatings Industry

Paints and Coatings Applications
CPE Mixers
  • Powder Coatings
  • Coating Bentonite for Kitty Litter
  • Coating Powdered Metal for Disc Brake Pads
  • Zinc Dust with Additives for Paint Enrichment
  • Plating Powders
  • Metal Polishing Powders
  • Pigment blending
  • Vacuum coating of particles

Over the years, we have consistently developed our equipment design to cater to different process demands. Presently, we have a leading paddle mixing technology worldwide that is ideal for various mixing applications.

We tailor our mixer designs to match your specific process requirements. Learn more about our range of world-class mixing equipment.

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CPE Retrofit & Process Optimisation Service

In addition to OEM supply, we offer process optimisation services of existing agitators and mixers. Our experienced engineers conduct in-depth analysis of your process and recommend cost-effective solutions to address your process issues.

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