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CPE is a world leader in design and manufacture of sanitary dairy agitation and mixing solutions.

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Dairy Agitators

Our dairy agitators are extensively used in dairy processing plants worldwide, from milk processing and storage to yoghurt and cheese manufacture. It offers effective and efficient mixing of dairy products, providing major enhancement of process efficiency and product consistency.

DairPro dairy industry agitators

CPE dairy agitators, Dairpro is designed in compliance with the sanitary standard requirements of the dairy industry, and is CIP friendly.

Main Dairy Applications We Supply Agitators To:
DairPro Agitators
  • Milk and milk products (flavoured milk, etc.)
  • Alternative milk (soy milk, almond milk, etc.)
  • Cream
  • Cheese, cream cheese
  • Yogurt, sour cream
  • Ice Cream

Agitation of Yoghurt

Designing the right agitator for yoghurt processing can be challenging as each yoghurt behaves differently and process changes during yoghurt manufacture require various mixing duty and flow.

Our Agitation experts have the knowledge and experience to design the right agitator for your yoghurt processing.

top entry agitator sytem with hydrofoil and blue motor | CPE agitators

Dairy Powder Blenders

CPE is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of sanitary powder blending solutions. Our mixers offer quick, accurate, and repeatable mixing while meeting the stringent standards of the dairy industry.

Main Dairy Applications We Supply Mixers To:
CPE Dairy Mixers

CPE Services

CPE offers retrofitting services of paddle and ribbon mixers to improve mixing performance and product quality. Benefits of retrofitting using our superior paddle mixing technology are as follows:

  • Increased mix accuracy
  • Shorter time to uniform mix (as quick as 60s)
  • Higher mix repeatability (lower CV)
  • Maximised mixing capacity (throughput)
  • Energy savings

Read more about our mixer retrofit services.

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