About Pressure Leaf Filters

PLFs are used for polishing process streams containing low solids contents, typically less than 5 wt. %. Filtrate is the product. Polishing the thickener overflow in processing plants is one of the common applications of this equipment.

A single PLF can only be operated in batch process. For continuous processing, two or more units are required.

Some Example Applications for Pressure Leaf Filter:
Pressure Leaf Filter
  • Food and Beverage Industry (edible oil, brine solution, gelatin, sugar, etc.)
  • Mineral Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Water and Wastewater treatment, De-fluoridation
  • Molten Sulphur Polishing

Our Pressure Leaf Filter Range

Chemical Plant & Engineering supplies a range of pressure leaf filters to various industries, from Chemicals to Food and Beverage. We can offer custom designed filtration solutions to address your specific process needs.

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (HPLF):

Filter leaves are positioned vertically in a horizontal filter tank. Leaves can easily be removed for manual cleaning. Cake removal can be accomplished dry by means of a pneumatic vibrator, or wet by means of an oscillating sluice header.

CPE HPLF filters are available in retractable bundle or shell version. Filter sizes range from 5 to 240 m2. For dry cake discharge, this filter is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator. For wet cake discharge, the filter is equipped with an oscillating sluice pipe positioned above the filter leaves.

Vertical Leaf Filter (VLF):

This economical type of filter is equipped with vertical rectangular filter leaves mounted in a vertical tank and connected to a filtrate manifold at the bottom of the filter tank. VLF takes less space than HPLF.

CPE VLFs are equipped with a pneumatic vibrator for dry cake discharge, and the cake is discharged through a large diameter cake clean-out door. A butterfly valve, slide valve or a specially designed cake door is used for cake removal depending on the process conditions.

For wet cake discharge, the pressure leaf filter is equipped with an oscillating sluice pipe positioned above the filter leaves.

Why Use CPE’s Pressure Leaf Filters

  • Superior leaf construction and geometry with quick fitting zipped bags
  • Quick acting bayonet closure
  • Multiple manifold designs for sluicing system incorporating special high pressure and flat spray pattern nozzles
  • Aftermarket services (spares, etc.)

Filtration Process Optimisation

We offer retrofit and upgrade services for pressure leaf filters aiming to enhance the filtration performance and capacity, increase operation safety, and reduce recurring maintenance shutdowns.

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Our Filtration experts can employ years of design knowledge and experience and pilot plant testing in collaboration with you to design the solution that suits your process the best. Contact us to find out how we can help optimise your filtration process.

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