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CPE is the world leading supplier of agitation solutions to the Wine & Spirits industry. We have helped thousands of wine and spirits makers around the world optimise their process efficiency and most importantly, make better quality products.

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Advantages of Mixing Wine, and Mixing Spirits

Mixing can have a dramatic effect on the consistency, quality, and taste of wine and spirits as well as accelerating the production process. This can lead to significant cost savings.

Why Mix Wine?

Mixing wine or spirits with in agitator can offer several advantages. This is achieved by creating or accelerating below process changes during wine production.

  • Blending (alcohol level adjustment, fermentation, storage)
  • Homogenous Solid Levels (centrifuge feed after fermentation)
  • Heat Transfer (cold stabilisation)
  • Mass Transfer (flavour extraction, sugar extraction, additive mixing)

Mixing Wine With Agitators

Traditional blending methods such as pump over are not ideal mixing solutions as they consume high amount of energy, don’t thoroughly mix the tank content, and can damage the product structure by creating turbulent flow in the tank.

CPE’s world leading agitation solution (Vinfoil®) offers efficient and gentle mixing of wine and spirits, which can optimise the production process and maintain and even improve the product integrity.

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CPE’s Wine & Spirit Agitation Technology (VINFOIL®)

Thanks to our superior agitation technology, Vinfoil offers smart mixing by offering gentle yet high velocity mixing using the minimum energy input. This can lead to major enhancements in process efficiency and product quality.

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cpe efficient hydrofoil agitator in multiple stages. Tank agitation flow example

Benefits of incorporating VINFOIL® in wine making:

  • Improved wine structure, thus greater wine taste and appearance
  • Maximum plant utilisation
  • Significantly lower operating cost

Benefits of incorporating VINFOIL® in spirits making:

  • Thorough and faster sugar extraction from malted grains
  • Uniform dispersion of yeast in wart, thus faster and more complete fermentation
  • Quick and accurate alcohol level adjustment
  • Maximum plant utilisation
  • Significantly lower operating cost

Applications We Supply Vinfoil® To:


Solid Suspension (Centrifuge Feed, Storage)
Flavour Extraction (Oaking)
Bentonite Addition (White Wine)
Micro-Oxygenation (Red Wine)
Cold Stabilisation
Charmat Method (Champagne)


Sugar Extraction
Yeast Mixing into Wart
Alcohol Level Adjustment of Distillate


Yeast Mixing into War
1st and 2nd Fermentation

Gin and Vodka

Mixing Botanicals into Distillate
Alcohol Level Adjustment of Distillate

CPE Agitator Retrofit & Process Optimisation

With over 40 years of design and supply of wine and spirits agitators, CPE has numerous agitator installations in major wineries, breweries, and distilleries across the world.  We provide agitator retrofit and process optimisation services worldwide.

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