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OILFOIL series agitators are designed specifically for processing and storage of edible oils and bio-fuels. OILFOIL meets the standard requirements of the edible oil industry and is suitable for processing a range of products including vegetable oil, crude palm oil (CPO), tallow and other edible oils as well as biofuels.

Edible Oil Agitators, Configurations

With our superior agitation technology, Oilfoil can offer enhanced process efficiency, higher plant utilisation, major cost savings, and improved product consistency.

Oilfoil RTF4 and P Series
Used for storage and processing of edible oils and biofuels
OILFOIL-RTF4 suitable for low shear blending – top or side entry mounts
OILFOIL-P suitable for mixing with medium shear – top entry mount
Direct drive and gear reduced motor
Retractable agitator option for easy and safe maintenance
Various seal options (stuffing box, mechanical, lip, hydraulic)
Sanitary design option
oilfoil edible oil agitators - rtf4 hydrofoil side entry

OILFOIL™ agitator is also incorporated in our Hot Cooking Oil Filtration Plant to effectively mix filter aid to the used oil before filtration using a Pressure Leaf Filter (VPLF).

Agitator Process Optimisation

In addition to agitator supply, we have decades of knowledge and experience in agitation process optimisation. Our experts can analyse your process and offer you cost-effective solutions to:

  • reduce your mix time
  •  reduce your power consumption
  • increase your tank utilisation
  • improve your product quality and consistency

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