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CPE offers a range of heavy-duty agitators, in-line mixers, and pressure filters to water/wastewater treatment and waste management applications.

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Environmental Processing Solutions Offered

Agitation Solutions for Environmental Applications

The Chemix agitator range are used for water and wastewater processing and storage. This agitator range comes in a number of configurations and impeller options to address various process needs.
Our top entry Chemix is cantilevered, which excludes the need to have a steady bearing assembly. Thanks to our world leading agitation technology, Chemix can offer major process benefits such as:

  • Fast and thorough mixing (Maximum plant utilisation)
  • Effective solid suspension
  • Efficient mixing (operating and maintenance cost savings)

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agitator for mineral processing

Applications of Chemix in Environmental Sector

Chemical Industry Agitators, Chemix by CPE
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Plastics & Polymer Recycling
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Fertiliser production & storage

Filtration Solutions for Environmental Applications

CPE offers a range of pressure filters to the water/wastewater industry for purification and polishing applications. Our filter range include Pressure Leaf filters, Cricket filters, and Pulse Tube filters.

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De-fluoridation of Water

One of the stages of water treatment is adjusting the fluoride content in drinking water. Fluoride is one of the most commonly found anions in groundwater which results from leaching of minerals. There are several techniques for reducing the fluoride content of water.

Our Pulse Tube filters are ideal for effective and efficient de-fluoridation of water.

cricker filter top view | CPE Filtration

Static Mixer for Water Treatment and Waste Management Applications

CPE also offers a range of static mixers for additive dosing, dilution, and in-line mixing in water treatment and waste management applications.

Learn more about our in-line static mixers.
Static Mixers

inline static mixer | Chemical Plant and Engineering

CPE Process Optimisation Services

We offer process optimisation services of existing agitators and mixers. Our experienced engineers conduct in-depth analysis of your process and recommend cost-effective solutions to address your process issues.

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