Mineral Processing

CPE supplies world leading mixing and filtration solutions to the mineral processing industry worldwide.

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Mineral Processing Solutions Offered

Chemical Plant & Engineering has decades of experience in design and worldwide supply of processing solutions to the mineral processing sector. We offer agitators, powder blenders, and vacuum and pressure filters to this industry.

We provide complete engineering services, starting with laboratory and pilot testing, through to detailed engineering design, manufacture and supervision of installation and commissioning.

  • Agitators: Mineflo™ agitator range have world’s best high efficiency hydrofoil technology, offering effective and efficient mixing and solid suspension. We custom design agitators to suit your specific process needs.Read more about Mineflo and our superior agitation technology.
  • Mixers: CPE paddle mixers offer quick, accurate, and repeatable mixing. Particle coating and shearmaker options available. Read more about our mixers.
  • Filters: CPE vacuum and pressure filters are extensively used in various stages of mineral processing application. We custom design filters to suit your specific process needs. Read more about our mineral processing filters.
Mineral Processing Applications We Supply To
Mineral Processing Applications
  • Alumina refining
  • Iron Ore refining
  • Gold refining
  • Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Graphite refining
  • Sand oil processing
  • Pot ash processing
  • Stone and Ceramic processing
  • Dry stack tailing

Other Mineral Processing Products

Titanium International

Titanium International offers a wide range of corrosion resistant and specialty metal solutions to the mineral processing sector.

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Process Optimisation Services

CPE offers retrofitting services of mineral processing agitators, paddle mixers, and vacuum and pressure filters. Our engineers can conduct in-depth analysis of your process and offer cost-effective solutions to enhance your process performance and efficiency. Process benefits include:

  • Enhanced solid suspension in precipitator tanks, thus significantly less scale build-up
  • Increased mixing and filtration throughput
  • Higher plant utilisation
  • Longer lasting equipment with less downtime and maintenance cost
  • Safer maintenance of pan filter valves using our offered valve lifter. Contact us to learn more.
Read more about Retrofit and Process Optimisation Services.

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