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Agitators for Mineral Processing

CPE provides a number of agitation solutions to the mineral processing sector, including solid suspension agitators and anti-scaling agitators for precipitation tanks.

Solid Suspension

In regions where topography does not lend itself to transport of iron ore in dry form, the industry solution has been to slurry the ore for pumping from the mine to the processing and load out facility.

This requires surge or holding slurry tanks at either end of the pipeline.

These tanks need to have the solids in suspension for uniform feeding of solids to the downstream process.

agitator for mineral processing

Superior Agitation Technology

Our agitation technology can be utilised to provide the required solid suspension at a very high efficiency level, which leads to:

  • energy savings
  • high tank utilisation
  • long-lasting and low maintenance agitator setup due to minimised power consumption

Main process stages where agitation is essential:

Process Stages
CPE Agitators in Mineral Processing
  • Leach Tanks
  • Carbon in Leach (CIL)
  • Carbon in Pulp (CIP)
  • Absorption Tanks
  • Conditioning Tanks
  • Deoxidation Tanks

Agitator Services

Our experts can employ process analysis tools, CFD modelling, and pilot plant testing in collaboration with you to design the agitation solution that suits your process the best.

Over the decades, besides supply of brand-new agitators, we have performed many agitator retrofits in mineral processing plants around the world using our agitation technology to modify underperforming or inefficient existing agitators.

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