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CPE has been supplying filters and agitators to the major alumina refineries across the world for over 50 years.

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CPE in Alumina Refining

Chemical Plant & Engineering is a world leading supplier of agitation and filtration solutions to the alumina industry. With our extensive design knowledge and experience, we have a deep understanding of process requirements in this sector.

We offer custom design and process optimisation of tank agitators and filtration equipment to the alumina refineries worldwide.


CPE offers the MineFlo™ range for mixing and solid suspension in alumina refineries.

The MineFlo – RTF4 agitators has been extensively used by refineries for effective solid suspension. Our superior agitation technology can significantly scale build-up in precipitator tanks.

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MineFlo™ mineral processing agitation solutions by CPE

Agitator Retrofit, Aftermarket, and Process Optimisation in Alumina

original vs retrofit cpe agitation in mineral processing industry

Retrofitting of an existing agitator using RTF technology resulted in major reduction in scaling.

We provide agitator retrofit and process optimisation services to the mineral processing industry worldwide. Our engineers can analyse your process and recommend cost-effective solutions to improve your mixing and solid suspension performance, increase plant utilisation and reduce energy consumption.

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We supply various size vacuum and pressure filters specific for the Alumina industry.

Since our first filter supply to the alumina industry over 50 years ago, we have continuously upgraded our filter designs to suit various process requirements and increase filtration efficiency and quality.

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Offerings to the Mineral Processing Industry:

  • Flexible Operation
  • Adjustable bridge plate in the rotary valve to maximise vacuum time and optimise cake release
  • Variable speed main drive
  • Efficient Vacuum System: High efficiency system utilising extensive internal tubing for optimum velocities
  • Easy of Maintenance: Automatic Rotary Control Valve with replacement wear plate
  • Long Life
  • Wear resistant materials of construction
  • Robust design built for heavy-duty applications

Process Optimisation of Alumina Filters

In addition to OEM supply, we offer spares and retrofitting services of vacuum and pressure filters. Benefits of our filter retrofit services are as follows:

  • Improved filtration performance and throughput
  • Enhanced cake washing process
  • Safer maintenance of pan filter valves using our offered valve lifter. Contact us to learn more
  • Savings on operation and maintenance costs

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Contact our agitation and filtration experts to discuss your process requirements. Our experts will work with you to design a solution that suits your process.

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