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CPE is a world leading designer and supplier of filtration solutions to the Mineral Processing sector across the globe.

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Filters for Mineral Processing

Chemical Plant & Engineering is a world leading designer and supplier of filtration solutions to the Mineral Processing sector across the globe. CPE offers a range of vacuum and pressure filters for mineral processing applications.

With over 50 years of design experience, we understand the process requirements of this industry.

Rotary Drum and Horizontal Pan Vacuum Filters

CPE rotary drum and pan filters are ideal for continuous filtration of medium to coarse solids at large capacities.

These filter types are a great fit for slurries with moderate to high solids content (2-40 wt. %). Pan filters are favoured if cake washing is required.

We can design a complete filter aid mixing system in combination with our filtration solution.
Vacuum Filters

top view of horizontal vacuum pan filter
Vacuum Filter Main Applications
CPE Vacuum Filters in Mineral Processing
  • Alumina refining
  • Iron Ore refining
  • Gold refining
  • Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Graphite refining
  • Sand Oil filtration

Pressure Leaf Filters

CPE designs and supplies a range of vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters for mineral processing applications.

PLFs are suitable for batch liquid polishing and filtration of fine solids from the thickener overflow (< 5 wt. %), offering wet and dry cake discharge.

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pressure leaf filter retracted
Pressure Leaf Filter Main Applications
CPE PLF’s in Mineral Processing
  • Solids clarification of leaching solutions before precipitation
  • Nickel
    • Copper Sulphides solvent leaching thickener overflow
    • Iron removal thickener overflow
    • Sulphides strip polishing filtration
    • Solvent extraction feed polishing filtration
  • Barren solution recovery
    • APV/AMV polishing filtration
    • Barren liquor polishing filtration
  • Merrill Crowe: Gold pregnant liquor polishing prior to down stream deaeration and precious metal precipitation
  • Silver refining: Clarification of suspended solids
  • Copper refining: Clarification of suspended metallic solids from copper sulphide leading solution
  • Zinc refining
    • Cold/hot leached zinc Sulphate solution / Cadmium Cement
    • Clarification of suspended metallic solids (copper, cobalt, zinc)
  • Manganese refining: Sulphate solution Clarification of suspended solids

Filter Press

CPE designs and supplies a range of filter press solutions for mineral processing applications.

Filter press is suitable for batch filtration of coarse solids from thickener underflow, offering high capacity separation, wet and dry cake discharge, and cake blowback.

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filter press cloths up close

Filter Press Main Applications
CPE Filter Press in Mineral Processing
  • Dewatering of ore and other minerals
  • Nickel Refining
  • Gold Refining (gold room / electrowinning filtration, tailing, concentrate)
  • Dry Stack Tailing
  • Stone dehydration

Filter Services

Like agitators, retrofitting underperforming or inefficient existing filters is one of our offerings to the mineral processing industry. Our engineers conduct in-depth analysis of your filtration process and recommend cost-effective solutions to enhance your filtration process.

Benefits of our filter retrofit services are as follows:

  • Improved filtration performance and throughput
  • Enhanced cake washing process
  • Safer maintenance- for operators and the equipment!
  • Savings on operation and maintenance costs

Read more about ourĀ filter retrofitting services.
Filter Optimisation

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