Pressure Leaf Filters

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CPE’s pressure leaf filters are used for polishing process streams containing low percentage w/w solids typically <5% w/w. The pressure leaf filter consists of a vertical or horizontal pressure vessel with a number of vertically mounted filter leaves. The leaves filter on both sides enabling a large filtration area in a relatively small vessel and plant footprint.

The standard working pressure of a leaf filter is 4.5 Barg and cake can be discharged wet or dry.

Chemical Plant & Engineering in partnership with MAHLE Industries (formerly known as AMAFILTER and LFC LOCHEM) can design and supply a complete range of pressure leaf filters.

  • Exclusive world wide alliance partner for mineral processing.
  • Exclusive Australian alliance partner

Pressure Leaf Filter Products include:

Horizontal retractable shell bundle

The filter leaves are built on to a long carrier which can easily be moved from the filter for manual cleaning.

The filter can be equipped with swing bolt or clamp ring closure to open the filter and remove the carrier. Retractable or shell versions are available.

Vertical dry / wet cake discharge

For dry cake discharge this filter is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator. For wet cake discharge the filter is equipped with an oscillating sluice pipe positioned above the filter leaves.

Pulse tube filters

Tubular or CRICKET filters operate in a vertical pressure vessel filled with filter medium covering internal filtrate flow pipes.


All equipment selections are undertaken using specific process related information.


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