High Shear Impellers

CPE offers Rotosolver® and High Shear Disc (HSD) impellers for your high shear agitation requirements. The Rotosolver® is a world leading high shear mixing technology for sanitary and non-sanitary applications. While the High Shear Disc is a cost-effective solution for processing of most Paints and Coatings.

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The High Shear Rotosolver®

Rotosolver® provides the most innovative technology for producing superior liquid/liquid or solid/liquid dispersions, or for dissolving or hydrating powders and solids within liquids for 100% utilisation.

This high shear mixing technology optimises the balance between shear rates, particle size reduction, and flow/circulation within your mixing kettle or tank.

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high shear rotosolver for difficult applications

Rotosolver® Main Processes

Main Processes
High Shear Rotosolver®
  • Liquid/liquid dispersion
  • Solid/liquid dispersion
  • Dissolving and powder hydration
  • Homogenisation
  • Maintaining homogeneous mix during storage
  • Other difficult mixing applications

High Shear Disc (HSD)

HSD is specifically designed for Paints & Coatings applications.

This impeller has the ideal geometry to create the required shear in the polymer matrix  to break down the pigment (and other paint additives) and disperse them thoroughly and uniformly throughout the body of the polymer effectively and efficiently.

high shear disc impeller best for coats and paints

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