Pitch Blade Turbine (P Series)

The P Series are suitable for applications where medium shear is required to achieve uniform mixing.

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Medium Shear Pitched Blade Turbine

This impeller creates axial flow with medium shear in order to mix additives into the tank content.

The medium shear created by the turbine series also helps cutting through the thick liquid and ensure there is no phase separation during mixing.

P Series impellers are often used in combination with RTF4 impellers or a high shear mixer (Rotosolver®) to provide the required duty and flow to complete the mixing process.

pitched blade p4 impeller with blue motor

P Series Main Applications

P Series – Pitched Blade Impeller
  • Immiscible Liquid Blending
  • Additive Mixing/Dissolving
  • Medium Viscosity Liquid/Liquid Dispersion
  • Homogenisation
  • Polymerisation
  • Emulsification

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