Wine Agitators

Technology of Wine Agitators

Chemical Plant & Engineering designs and manufactures wine agitators for use in wine storage tanks.

The introduction of gentle mechanical agitation to wine storage tanks can have a dramatic effect on product consistency and mixing rates. CPE agitators have demonstrated this and are used extensively in the wine industry throughout Australia and in many wine producing countries including New Zealand, USA and Canada.

CPE agitators are marketed under the Vinfoil® brand throughout the US wine industry.

The following video was developed by our partners in the USA. This clearly demonstrates the advantages of our agitator technology.


Why use wine agitators

Our agitation technology has proven results in optimizing various process applications.

BLENDING – minimizes tank striation, greater homogeneity

OAK EXTRACTION – faster extraction of oak flavour profiles

COLD STABILIZATION – faster more efficient cold stabilization

SOLIDS FEED TO CENTRIFUGES – uniform blend for consistent solid feed rate

Benefits to wine plant operators

  • Reduction in the time taken to achieve blend consistency.
  • Elimination of temperature stratification in cold stabilization cycles.
  • Energy saving due to efficient technology and reduced mixing time.
  • Retrofitting option

Wine Tank Agitators

Pumps have been the conventional method used to prepare wine prior to bottling. This method is proven to be inefficient and a poor compromise compared to the use of agitators.

Pumps draw from one connection and pump to another connection. The pump over method creates dead zones in tank where product is not thoroughly mixed. Agitators will achieve a uniform blend in a time efficient manner. Furthermore agitators leave no dead zones in the tank.

Our agitator technology is also easily adapted to automated cellars.


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