Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers

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Bulk Powder Blending

Chemical Plant & Engineering designs and manufactures twin shaft paddle mixers for efficient blending of bulk powders.

Our mixers come in a range of configurations and can be manufactured to meet hygienic standard requirements.

Chemplant High Efficiency Powder Mixer

CPE produces the unique CHEMPLANT POWDER MIXER in capacities from 20 -5000 litres. This world leading design offers mixing performance and short mix times that create homogeneous blends, regardless of particle size or density and solves the problems of:

  • Segregation during mixing
  • Addition and dispersion for minor ingredients and liquids
  • Heat generation during the mixing cycle

The Chemplant Powder Mixer consists of two overlapping counter-rotating rotors with a number of specially angled paddles.

The twin shaft paddle mixers are designed to provide complete particle movement and a central fluidized zone in which the particles change position.

Liquid addition, product shear and drive configurations are a number of the design options available.

A & J Mixer Single Rotor Powder Mixer

Manufactured under licence from A&J Mixing Canada, CPE produces the A&J Mixer which offers similar mixing performance to the CHEMPLANT Powder Mixer but is available in single rotor as well as double rotor configurations.

In addition, by incorporating the shear-making accessory, the mixer can quickly and completely break up agglomerates or totally disperse difficult additives.


Chemical Plant & Engineering offers pilot plant mixers to ensure the best equipment selection for the processing requirement.

Please contact us for further details.






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