Horizontal Pan Filter

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The horizontal pan filter is suitable for continuous filtration of rapid settling, free filtering solids and is designed for ease of installation and simple reliable operation. Pan filters provide rapid de-watering and efficient cake washing at large capacities.

Chemical Plant & Engineering (CPE) has pioneered design developments with horizontal pan filters that enable superior flatness tolerances to be achieved, thus eliminating installation and operating difficulties.

Horizontal pan filter features include:

  • High throughput per square meter of filtering area
  • Filtration and wash stages visible for ease of control
  • Multiple wash stages including counter current washing
  • Superior pan flatness for minimum cake heel

Horizontal pan filter capacities range from 0.7 m2 (1.0 m diameter) to 100 m2 (11.5 m diameter) filtration area.


In October 2012 CPE completed the manufacture of a 100m2 pan filter for the Alumina industry in China. Following this, another 100m2 pan filter was completed in 2013.

Chemical Plant & Engineering (a division of CEM International Pty Ltd),  has the capability and facilities to manufacture both small and large scale industrial processing equipment – including some of the largest custom designed processing equipment in the world.

Horizontal Pan Filter

Large Vacuum Pan Filter 100m2


CPE offers high performance retrofits and upgrades for problematic and under-performing process equipment.

Pan Filter Vacuum Valve – high performance, high flow

Designed and manufactured to significantly reduce vacuum and caustic leakage

Fume Hood Exhaust Blowers

Custom designed fume hoods for containing caustic fumes. The fume hood is designed to straddle the pan filter with no pressure on the main bearing. The design allows for easy access and removable sections.

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