Agitator Mounting Information

Correct agitator mounting is critical to ensure the equipment functions efficiently and effectively.

The agitator needs to be correctly positioned in the tank in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Chemical Plant & Engineering addresses the key factors that affect the mixing process and aims to present the customer with the most efficient agitator configuration.

Top Entry Agitator Mounting – Centre Mounted

For top entry centre mounted agitators, it is recommended that the tank has four (4) off baffles fitted to it, each baffle being D/12 wide, D/72 off the wall, and extending the whole height of the tank (where D is the tank diameter).

Top Entry Agitator Mounting РOff Centre

For top entry off-centre mounted agitators, it is recommended that the agitator be placed D/6 off centre (where D is the tank diameter) with no baffles.



Please contact us for further information.

An agitator questionnaire can be emailed on request. Details from your completed questionnaire will be reviewed by our engineers to determine the best solution for your requirement.


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