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About Top Entry Agitators

Top entry agitators are ideal for small to medium tank sizes and are usually used for additive mixing/dissolving process. For large or tall tanks, side or bottom entry agitators are recommended since they offer much higher mixing efficiency due to the flow pattern they generate.

This type of agitator is either cantilevered over the top of the vessel, mounted on a rail on top of the vessel, or has a top point entry to the vessel through a manway (which is fully attached to the vessel).

Why Use Our Top Entry Agitators?

top entry agitator sytem with hydrofoil and blue motor | CPE agitators

We have decades of design and manufacture knowledge and experience. Our team of engineers can design the most suitable agitator system based on your process needs.

Our top entry agitators are offered in various configurations:

  • High, medium, or low shear impellers to create the required flow pattern.
  • Various seal options to address your process requirements and industry standards.
  • Various wet end construction material and finish.
  • Explosion resistant motor for mixing flammable products.
  • Our top entry agitators are also offered in full sanitary design and in compliance with the stringent requirements of the food and dairy industry.

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