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What are Side Entry Agitators?

Side entry agitators are recommended to conduct mixing in large tanks as it will take a long time, if ever, for a top entry agitator to provide homogeneous mix.

Side entry agitators are ideal for applications such as blending and solid suspension like in storage tanks where the mixture needs to be kept uniform before packaging, or when there is a separation unit, like centrifuge, downstream of the tank.

Main Applications of CPE’s Side Entry Agitators

Processing and Storage of:

vinfoil wine and spirit agitator configuration - rtf4 hydrofoil side entry

Why Use CPE Side Entry Agitators?

CPE offers world leading agitation solutions to various industries globally. Our high efficiency hydrofoil technology provides reliable, effective, and efficient mixing. Our side entry agitators are used extensively in Wine & Spirits, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, and Chemical industries.

Learn more about our high efficiency hydrofoil technology.

Our Side Entry agitators come in various seal and motor configurations, with various flange and pedestal designs to suit your process requirements. For mixing applications where the tank size or product type requires the mechanical seal to be replaced in situ whilst the tank is full, we offer retractable agitators for ease of maintenance.

Our side entry agitators are also offered in full sanitary design and in compliance with the stringent requirements of the food and dairy industry.

Mounting a Side Entry Agitator

In order to maintain a consistent product blend, or to create process change, the application of external force creating fluid movement is required. In very large tanks utilisation of side entry agitation is the only practical solution.

However, the science applied to determine the number, location, orientation, degree of agitation necessary, and impeller type requires careful consideration of the magnitude and characteristics of the process task. An understanding of impeller behaviour and flow patterns is essential in making the right selection.

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