Agitator Mounting

The principal task of any agitator is to create sufficient flow and the correct flow profile. There are multiple factors that need to be considered to ensure the tank is properly agitated, including the correct mounting of the agitator.

Agitator mounting, agitator positioning and geometry, impeller selection and in certain cases, tank baffles, all contribute to achieving the optimal agitation solution.

Agitators can be top entry, side or bottom mounted.

Considerations for Agitator Mounting

When determining the optimal mounting position, our design engineers take into consideration a range of factors. These include tank sizing and profile, the physical properties of the product to be agitated, the process objective, and the liquid levels during all operating conditions.

  • Tank sizing
  • Tank profile
  • Product properties / viscosity
  • Process objectives – Blending, Solids Suspension, Gas dispersion
  • Liquid levels

Failure to optimally install and mount the agitator may result bending forces on the shaft, high power consumption, sediment build up and poorly agitated product.

Top Entry Agitator – Centre Mounted

For top entry centre mounted agitators, it is recommended that the tank has four (4) off baffles fitted to it, each baffle being D/12 wide, D/72 off the wall, and extending the whole height of the tank (where D is the tank diameter).

Top Entry Agitator – Off Centre

For top entry off-centre mounted agitators, it is recommended that the agitator be placed D/6 off centre (where D is the tank diameter) with no baffles.


CPE has over 50 years experience in agitation technology across a range of industries. We have an on site fully equipped laboratory and offer product testing to assist with equipment selection and sizing.

Please contact us for any further information and an agitator questionnaire can be emailed on request. Details from your completed questionnaire will be reviewed by our engineers to determine the best solution for your requirement.


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