Low Shear, Hydrofoil (RTF4)

CPE’s RTF4 impeller is the best hydrofoil agitator in the world, providing the most efficient and reliable mixing performance, thanks to its unique design.

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How RTF4 Impeller Works

RTF4 impellers convert all available power to gentle and pure axial flow without creating turbulence at the impeller zone, resulting in thorough and effective blending and solid suspension in a short period of time. This can offer significant process and product improvement, including:

  • Shorter mix time, thus higher tank utilisation
  • Lower energy consumption, thus significant cost savings
  • Agitator running at lower power input, thus longer lasting agitator system
  • Gentle mixing flow, thus preserving product integrity (better quality product)
7 degree horizontal agitator at 100 seconds of mixing time

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The unique geometry of RTF4 makes it the best hydrofoil impeller technology in the world, which is backed by data obtained from many installations and retrofits throughout the decades.

RTF4 Features

Increasing Width Blades are slim at the tip where the speed is greatest and wide at the base where the speed is lowest. This gives a more uniform discharge velocity along the blade length, producing the most efficient pumping action
Profiled Edge Both the leading and the trailing edges are profiled to minimise turbulence. This has the added benefit of reducing erosion caused by particle/blade collisions.
Blade Twist Starting with a pronounced twist at the base, the blade gradually decreases its angle of attack towards the tip. This creates an even velocity profile while keeping the turbulence behind the impeller to a minimum.
The Arch The blade arc is calculated to slice through the liquid at a shallow angle with the leading edge, while the sharply-cambered trailing edge directs powerful currents downwards

RTF impeller is available in mild and stainless steel and various specialty coatings to provide abrasion or chemical resistance. Polished to 180 grit for use in sanitary applications.

RTF4 Applications

RTF4 Hydrofoil
  • Liquid Blending
  • Solid Suspension
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mass Transfer

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