ViscoPro Series Impellers

The ViscoPro range are used for low shear and slow mixing of high viscosity liquids.

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This impeller is used for keeping high viscosity mixtures uniform and is often coupled with P series or Rotosolver® mixers for multistage applications where dissolving then blending/homogenisation is required.

Counter Rotating Agitator

This impeller consists of multiple Pitch Blade Turbines and an anchor impeller. Mainly used in applications where the starting viscosity of the mixture builds up over time to a considerably higher viscosity. The PBT impellers generate medium shear flow to accomplish the first stage of the process which can be dissolving of additives, emulsification, or blending two unmissable liquids. Then the anchor impeller works to maintain the homogeneity.


Used for low shear, positive displacement of fluids with 50,000 CPs viscosity and above. Helix is ideal for mixing processes where the conventional paddle or anchor impellers fail. Simple and elegant design provides unmatched high viscosity blending.

ViscoPro Main Applications

ViscoPro Series
  • Cheese and Cream Cheese
  • Chocolate and Honey
  • High Viscosity Polymers
  • Ultra High Viscosity Dips & Sauces
  • Personal Care (lotion, soaps, creams)

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