Portable Agitators and Mixers

Portable Agitators – Clamp on type, for Blending and Mixing Fluids in Drums and Small Tanks

CPE’s Portable agitators are used for smaller applications where the flexibility of a clamp on arrangement is required.

Our clamp on type agitators are available in a number of configurations depending on customer requirements. Standard portable agitators come with CPE’s RTF4 hydrofoil, therefore ensuring high efficiency performance.

CPE’s RTF4 Hydrofoil is designed to maximize flow and minimize turbulence or shear.

Features of the CPE Portable Agitators

  • Extended housing below the drive mechanism manufactured from cast aluminium with a bearing to prevent bending moments being transferred back to the gear box or motor.
  • Housing includes a shaft seal to prevent ingress of particles into the housing
  • Integral clamp which allows the agitator to be installed quickly and easily into the process vessel.
  • Swivel mount ensures that the shaft angle can be optimised for the process conditions.

CPE Portable Agitator
(Clamp on Type)

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