Agitator Types

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Types of Agitators

CPE offers various types of agitators in a range of configurations and mounting options. These can include:

  • Clamp-on portable with swivel or socket plate mount
  • Fixed mount top entering with inline or right angled drive
  • Side entering with shaft retract system, for seal replacement without emptying the tank contents
  • Bottom entering
  • Special purpose including dual speed counter rotating

Agitators can be supplied with lip, hydraulic, stuffing box or mechanical seal options. Numerous wetted parts of construction are available including 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel, rubber, plastic or special coatings.

CM6 Gas Dispersion Impeller

The CM6 impeller is designed and manufactured to provide optimum gas dispersion in a variety of applications.

The CM6 is not only limited to gas dispersion applications but also heavy duty solids suspension where impeller wear is a limiting factor.

Recommended applications for this agitator type include fermentation, mineral sands aeration, gold CIP leaching, nickel hydrogen reduction and pressure oxidation process in autoclaves.

Product range and impeller configurations vary depending on process and application and can include a variety of drive, seal and mounting options.

Typical fluid agitation applications include:

Portable Agitators

Portable agitators are used for smaller applications where the flexibility of a clamp on arrangement is required. They are available in a number of configurations depending on customer requirements.

Side and  Bottom Entry Agitators

Our range of high efficiency, side entry agitators provide a very flexible and cost effective method of agitating larger tanks. CPE agitators are used extensively in the wine industry to reduce power consumption and maximise efficiency.  CPE also have an extensive range of sanitary agitators for dairy applications.

In addition, for applications where the tank size or product type requires the mechanical seal to be replaced in situ whilst the tank is full, CPE can offer a side entry agitator which has a retractable shaft mechanism.

High Shear Mixing

High shear mixer head

The Chemplant Rotosolver is the ultimate in high shear mixer that is used in applications as diverse as dispersing, dissolving, emulsifying or homogenising. The Rotosolver optimises the balance between shear rates, particle size reduction and circulation within your tank.


Please contact us for further information on any of our agitators or assistance with your process requirement.

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