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About Portable Agitators

Portable agitators are used for smaller size vessels or processes where the flexibility of a clamp-on arrangement is required.
This agitator type is available in a number of configurations depending on customer requirements.

CPE Portable Agitator Models

  • PA series directly driven from a 4-pole motor, 0.55kW – output speed of ~ 1440rpm.
  • PB series directly driven from a 6-pole motor 0.37kW – output speed of ~ 960rpm.
  • PG series incorporates a helical gearbox for larger duties. Available with motor sizes from 0.18 to 1.5kW and a range of output speeds.

Why Use Our Portable Agitators?

  • Extended housing below the drive mechanism manufactured from cast aluminium with a bearing to prevent bending moments being transferred back to the gear box or motor.
  • Housing includes a shaft seal to prevent ingress of particles into the housing.
  • Integral clamp, which allows the agitator to be installed quickly and easily into the process vessel.
  • Swivel mount ensures that the shaft angle can be optimised for the process conditions.
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) option available.
  • Heavy duty and robust construction.

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